Managing your money is one of the most important things you will learn as a student.

Knowing that your finances are under control will allow you to relax 和 enjoy your time at Worcester.

对于英国学生来说,你的 学生贷款奖学金 或者兼职工作可以在你上大学期间养活你.



学费 和 living costs are the main areas to consider when allocating your finances.

You will need to buy things you may have taken for granted at home (such as food 和 washing powder) 和 it’s wise to think about all these issues when devising your budget.

  • Books – you won’t need to buy all the books on your reading list, just the core texts. 还记得 图书馆 拥有优秀的藏书.
  • 重要的设备和材料-大学有 良好的设施, computer access for all students 和 your academic lecturers will let you know of the best place to buy any extra equipment.
  • Attending compulsory field trips or placements – you might have to pay for transport 和/or 住宿.  



美高梅官方网站app首页的生活费用相对来说是非常合理的.  租金和许多其他成本都比大城市低. 美高梅官方网站app首页的 校园 和 大厅的住所 对彼此,对 城市中心 意味着你不需要在交通上花额外的钱.

如果你需要一辆车,校园里有停车位. 查看美高梅官方网站app首页的 停车场收费.

  • 租房——许多大一学生选择住在家里 大厅的住所. For more information about living in Halls 和 private 住宿 costs, visit our 住宿 section.
  • 存款——如果你在的话 私人租房您可能需要付订金. 这通常和一个月的租金差不多, 在您入住结束时还给您. Your l和lord can deduct money from your deposit if there is damage to the property, 未付租金, 等.


如果您的房间是私人租赁的, 你需要支付公用事业费用(电费), 气体, 电话, 等). You won’t have to pay council tax as long as everyone in your house is a student.



美高梅官方网站app首页居民每年平均花费574英镑在汽油上. 下面这些简单的小贴士可以帮你省下油钱.

  1. Cook multiple meals in the oven at once to reduce the amount of time it needs to be on. Why not cook with your housemates to share the load 和 spend some quality time together?
  2. Wear warmer clothes around the house in winter to avoid using the central heating as frequently.
  3. 把集中供暖安排在早上和晚上, 避免在不必要的时候给房子供暖.


Households in Worcester spend an average of £130 per month on electricity*. 如果你正在寻找省钱的方法, cutting your electricity usage is a good place to start – 和 this doesn’t mean studying by c和le light. Here are some easy to follow tips that won’t impact your quality of life at all:

  1. Don’t leave your electronics on st和by as they still consume a small amount of electricity that can add up over the year. 把它们放在墙上的插座上关掉.
  2. 使用价格比较网站 比较市场 为您的家找到最好的交易. 如果你租, discuss your energy bills with your l和lord or letting agent to see if switching will save money.
  3. Switch to energy-saving LED lightbulbs, which use much less energy than halogen or fluorescent bulbs. 


全国每个地区的水费都由一家供应商支付. 在美高梅官方网站app首页,你的供水商是 塞汶河特伦特水.


  1. 标准的关税

Households on a st和ard tariff are billed a fixed amount depending on the value of the house. 你可以提前支付全年账单,也可以全年支付.

  1. 水表


在水表上省钱很容易. Reduce the amount of water you use as a household with simple tips such as:

  • 不要让水从排水沟里流下去. 开水龙头开着,把水壶、平底锅和水壶装满水. 用这些水来饮用、烹饪和浇灌植物.
  • 淋浴时间限制在五分钟以内.
  • Don’t wash your clothes until you have a full load to put in the washing machine. 半载和满载使用相同数量的水. Consider sharing a load with your housemates if you don’t have enough clothes to wash yourself. 


如果你家只有全日制学生住在里面, 那你就不用交市政税了. 谁算全日制学生? Anyone on a course that lasts at least 1 year, involving at least 21 hours of study per week.

如果你家有非全日制学生的房客, then you’ll get a council tax bill – but don’t despair as you may still qualify for a discount. 最好的办法是和你当地的委员会商量一下 美高梅官方网站app首页市议会


There are quite a few choices in Worcester when it comes to choosing your broadb和, 固定电话和电视套餐, 还有一些捆绑选项将这3种服务结合起来,提供诱人的交易.

While a bundle deal might seem like a cost-effective option, it’s worth considering the following:

  • 如果你有智能手机,你真的还需要一部固定电话吗?
  • TV providers like Sky 和 Virgin both charge a monthly fee to access their channels, 但是Freeview盒子可以免费提供各种电视频道.

如果你想省钱, 最好的策略可能是选择仅限宽带的合同. 以下是如何买到最划算的一款:

  1. Use a price comparison site to find the best broadb和 deal for your home.
  2. 寻找特价、折扣和代金券代码.
  3. Consider whether you need ultra-fast or fibre-optic broadb和, which are more expensive. Often the fastest broadb和 speed advertised isn’t an accurate representation of the true speed you will get. 


If anyone in your house or flat watches or records TV programmes as they’re shown on TV or on an online TV service (including your laptop, 平板电脑或智能手机), 或在iPlayer上下载或观看BBC节目, 法律要求你必须获得 电视执照. 如果你没有获得电视牌照,你可能会被罚款1000英镑.


  • 使用流媒体服务,例如 网飞公司 看节目不需要电视牌照. 只有£5.每月99英镑,基本订阅费用为71英镑.每年88英镑——节省82英镑.62英镑与电视牌照相比.
  • 观看连续剧、纪录片等 YouTube 免费.
  • Spread the cost of your 电视执照 throughout the year if you pay by direct debit. 

*数据由Compare The Market提供, calculated using the average spend of households over a 6 month period from 1st August 2018 – 31st Jan 2019.


If you are an international student, you should consider your funds before you apply for a visa. Make you have enough funds to cover your tuition 和 living costs for the duration of your course. You must be able to prove that you have sufficient funds to be able cover the cost of your course 和 your stay in the UK. One option is to provide an official letter from a sponsor stating that they will cover all of your fees 和 living costs for the duration of your course.



For an undergraduate student living on the University campus for the 38-week academic year, 学生将需要6英镑左右,000 to £7,500美元来支付生活费用.

  • 租-大学 住宿 每周102英镑到169英镑不等.
  • 食物,每个人都要吃喝. 这取决于你买什么,但预算在每周25英镑左右.  
  • Clothes – Remember you can use your NUS Extra card to get discounts throughout the 城市的购物中心. 每月留出一笔零花钱用于个人消费是很有用的.
  • Socialising – there are lots of clubs 和 societies that you can join at the 学生会 和 there are many student nights at the University 和 at various venues in the city.  
  • 别忘了你的手机账单! 记录每月其他必要的费用, such as gym memberships 和 online subscriptions 和 factor these into your budget.

为了帮助您制定计划,您可以使用 UCAS预算计算器