To manage the procurement activities in a socially responsible 而且 sustainable way the procurement strategy identifies 11 ways this could be applied.

该大学设有 采购策略 which sets out the procurement guidelines of buying goods, services 而且 works. 在这个策略, the University acknowledges that its purchasing decisions have major socio-economic 而且 environmental implications, 本地和全球.




  • 5% p.a. reduction GHGe emissions from carbon emissions attributed to contracts the University can influence from a 2018/19 baseline.


  • Exp而且 Net Positive tool kit for supplier reporting 而且 action planning, mapped to the SDGs from 430 suppliers to 450 suppliers by July 2022.
  • Working with 美高梅官方网站app首页商学院 introduce a student placement into the procurement team to assist in sustainable supplier engagement in academic year 2021-2022
  • Create student opportunities to support 公平贸易 status including working with academics to introduce ‘live’ projects into their teaching during academic year 2021-2022. 


A 可持续发展采购督导小组 of the 可持续性 Strategy Group was created in April 2014 to oversee this important work; membership includes students, 学者及采购专业人士.  The main focus of this group is ethical procurement issues, including workers’ rights such as 现代奴隶制度 in the supply chain, factory conditions 而且 reforming supply chains 而且 Social Values Act.  看到 职权范围及成员详情.  The group members are invited to guest lecture to students 而且 education is an important remit of the group.  


另一个例子是美高梅官方网站app首页的电子产品采购. Poor working conditions 而且 labour rights abuses are commonplace in many parts of the developing the world, 大部分信息通信技术产品是在哪里生产的.  The University procures all its ICT equipment through a purchasing consortium which has signed up to Electronics Watch NWUPC Ltd. An independent organisation that aims to monitor working conditions in the global electronics industry to enable socially responsible public purchasing across Europe. 

The Head of  Procurement who chairs this group is a member of the 可持续性 Strategy Group 而且 provides regular reports to the meetings. The University underst而且s that procurement is one of the most significant contributors to its carbon footprint. 这一重要领域的培训被视为关键, HEPA 6 modules are being trialled in Procurement 而且 then rolled out to all relevant staff. 美高梅官方网站app首页正在研究 NETpositive期货 使用他们的供应商参与工具. 一个示例报告如下 在这里. 大学也利用这个工具建立了美高梅官方网站app首页自己的 行动计划.  的影响分析的一个例子 餐饮服务在这里.


The University welcomes donations from alumni, corporate benefactors 而且 other supporters.  To enable the educational purposes of donations to be achieved, the University will invest surplus funds 而且 endowments with third-party organisations. W在这里ver possible the University wishes to make such investments in ways that are consistent with the mission 而且 values of the University.

大学希望它的投资经理, 考虑到社会因素, 在选择时考虑环境和道德因素, 保留和实现投资. The University will not invest in fossil fuels 而且 the armaments industries. The University will strive to invest in companies w在这里 the activities of the company are, 道德的理由, consistent with the educational 而且/or research objectives of the University.  在这里阅读美高梅官方网站app首页的道德投资政策.

The Director of Finance 而且 Resources reviews the investment position annually read his 最新报告.


The University is continuing to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable energy by signing the 地球 & 人 2021年5月发表无化石燃料宣言. 请 访问文档链接 要查看声明. We are publicly declaring that we do not invest in fossil fuel companies now 而且 in the future.