Everyone can do their bit to help the environment 和 we think a great place to start is with simple energy saving actions. 


Welcome to the University of Worcester Student Switch Off campaign – 测试你的气候变化知识 for the chance to win Ben & 杰瑞的.

What’s it all about?

You can learn all sorts of new environmental behaviours, but the Student Switch off is a great place to start if you’re not sure how you can make a difference. Going to Uni is the perfect place to get into new habits, 比如简单的节能行动, which will make a real difference to the environment, but also help you save money when you’re paying your own bills too. We also hope it will be the start of your own environmental journey, as you learn new ways to care for our planet 和 get more involved in sustainability. There is further information on what our students have achieved this year in the University of Worcester Student Switch off campaign report, 2020-21.

How do I get involved?

So if you’re living in halls your automatically signed up so all you need to do is start saving energy! The team also recruits volunteer ambassadors at the start of each year so if you want to keep up to date like the Facebook页面 看看这些机会什么时候出现. 更多细节可以在 Get Involved web pages.

如需更多信息,请访问 学生关机网站 就像 Facebook页面 for more details.