Academic excellence lies at the heart of all our courses.

In its most recent report into the quality of our teaching, the Quality Assurance Agency praised us for our ‘continuous 和 systematic improvement of the student experience’ 和 identified our approach to quality enhancement to be a key factor in our good practice.

大卫·格林教授, 大学副校长兼行政总裁, said: “In recent years the 美高梅官方网站app has consolidated its excellent national reputation for academic quality on our biggest programmes, 培养未来的教师, 护士和助产士. 这 independent audit report studied the entire work of the University at every level 和 across the range.”


"We are delighted to have received so many commendations... particularly for the work we do to provide educational opportunities for disabled students 和 to promote unusually high rates of employability."

大卫格林教授,副校长 & 首席执行官



We have been awarded a silver rating in the first ever national 教学卓越框架 (微软).

的评估员, who inspected the educational results for every university in Engl和, 发现美高梅官方网站app“提供了高质量的教学, learning 和 outcomes for its students” 和 “consistently exceeds rigorous national quality requirements for UK higher education”.

The panel noted that we excel at teaching which encourages high levels of student engagement 和 commitment to learning 和 study. Including “excellent levels” of contact time 和 schemes that involve students in the process of enhancing their own learning experience.

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We embed employability into our curriculum which means that our graduates are some of the most sought after by employers throughout the country. We have many links with employers through our placement schemes 和 provide significant support to further boost the employability of our students.


Our comprehensive Student Online Environment is tailored to each individual student to ensure that every student has the level of support 和 guidance they need throughout their studies.

Through schemes like our Student Academic Representatives (StARS) initiative, we have enhanced student representation throughout the University, ensuring that every student’s voice 和 opinion can be heard at the highest level. 这, combined with the development of our Link Tutor Forum (to share good practice across the institution) 和 our inclusive approach in working with collaborative partners, means that all of our students benefit from true academic excellence at the heart of their course.


The University undertakes a number of measures to ensure that our qualifications accurately recognise, demonstrate 和 celebrate the academic success of our students.  We regularly analyse our data on the proportions of degree classifications we award 和 review these alongside this range of measures to ensure that all of our students – be they past, present or future – receive qualifications of which they can be proud. 

The latest outcome of this analysis 和 review is contained within our 学位结果声明.