贾丝廷大胆 高级讲师在 营养疗法 在大学的学校联合健康和社区.  她 是注册营养治疗师,自2003年起在私人诊所工作.  在这个博客中,她 explores the challenges of healthy eating 和 wellbeing during the Covid-19 lockdown 和 how to overcome them. 

最近几个月, many people will have come across challenges around the availability of food; perhaps from isolating at home owing to symptoms of Covid 19 和 not being able to go out shopping. Or perhaps usual staples 和 favourites haven’t been available in a shopping delivery or on a visit to the shops.  Or you may be having to go longer between visits to the shops or between shopping deliveries. There’s also added financial pressure for many families with increasing food prices 和 schools 和 childcare facilities disrupted. 那么,这次美高梅官方网站app首页该如何在保持健康的情况下渡过难关呢? 




We should all be trying to eat a healthy balanced diet as this helps our overall health 和 resilience, 在一场公共卫生危机中,哪一个显然更重要.  最重要的是, 享受你的食物和饮食是很重要的, 和, 如果你和别人住在一起, 试着找个时间和对方谈谈. 

The key to a balanced diet is to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day 和 to eat from all the food groups. 这包括脂肪, 尤其是坚果中的健康油脂, seeds 和 oily 鱼;  proteins in foods such as eggs, 家禽, 鱼, 豆子, 脉冲, 肉, dairy foods; 和 carbohydrates which include starches like bread, 谷物, rice 和 pasta 和 fruits 和 vegetables that also give us fibre 和 many valuable vitamins 和 minerals.

如果你没有很多新鲜农产品, 代入罐头, 如果你有的话,可以选择腌制或冷冻的水果和蔬菜.  记住干燥的储存橱柜物品, 像豌豆, 小扁豆, 干豆子,香草和香料罐子, 是健康的,可以用来做汤和调味, 咖喱和砂锅菜.



One challenge of staying at home more is that it can be tempting to comfort eat or drink alcohol more than usual, 尤其是当美高梅官方网站app首页感到无聊和错过社交互动的时候. 如果美高梅官方网站app首页不像平时那样到处走动或锻炼, both can lead to weight gain as well as us feeling unhealthy 和 perhaps also contributing to lowered mood. So, the trick here is balance 和 moderation without depriving ourselves (as that can lead to compensatory behaviour where we ultimately consume more or binge later).

So, it’s really important for general wellbeing 和 maintaining a positive mood during this crisis that we enjoy our food 和 some treats 和 that we also relax. 美高梅官方网站app首页仍然可以享受甜食,比如巧克力和一杯葡萄酒或啤酒.  Cocoa in chocolate is a rich source of antioxidants; so, 几块巧克力, 尤其是含有较高可可含量的黑巧克力,对身体非常有益. But if you struggle like many people with not eating the whole bar of chocolate; try portion reduction strategies like mixing with a few bits of dried fruit or nuts. 或者每天只吃一块巧克力.  其他健康的零食也很有帮助, 包括胡萝卜棒, 燕麦饼, 任何种类的水果以及坚果, 种子或微盐爆米花.


另一个挑战是缺乏外出的时间. If we are cooped up inside 和 getting less fresh air 和 sunlight this reduces our ability to make vitamin D through sunlight exposure on our skin. Vitamin D is important for immunity 和 there’s some evidence that low levels are associated with increased risk of respiratory infections 和 pneumonia; so outside daily exercise is recommended to the majority of people.

对于那些想补充维生素D的人, 含有这种物质的食物包括油性鱼类, 鸡蛋和蘑菇暴露在阳光下. Supplements of vitamin D are recommended by Public Health Engl和 during autumn 和 winter months when we may not get enough sunlight; so, 如果美高梅官方网站app首页少花点时间在外面, 现在补充剂可能是个好主意. 成人的推荐剂量是10微克.


美高梅官方网站app首页吃什么也可以帮助美高梅官方网站app首页管理精神压力. Anyone having trouble sleeping should ideally avoid caffeinated drinks from around mid-afternoon 和 try to increase foods containing an amino acid called tryptophan prior to sleep. 这种物质存在于家禽、燕麦、鸡蛋和香蕉等食物中.  Magnesium rich foods such as green vegetables 和 whole grains can also be useful in stressful times as magnesium is lost from the body more at times of stress.  Magnesium salts or Epsom salts, which can still be ordered online, can be added to the bath.  They are relaxing 和 can be a useful aid to sleep whilst also helping to reduce muscular tension.

最后, 如果你想在早上做的第一件事就是让自己精力充沛, we recommend a breakfast containing quality proteins that help balance blood sugar through the day, such as a couple of boiled or poached eggs served with toast or an oat porridge served with a sprinkle of seeds or with yoghurt.


It can be useful to learn to adapt recipes 和 ingredients around what we have at home 和 also to minimise food waste.

This means it’s especially important now to keep an eye on sell by dates 和 to use any fresh fruits 和 vegetables we have before they go off. 如果你有多余的食物并且有冰箱,可以尝试烹饪和冷冻.



如果你吃肉类或家禽, it’s a good idea to boil up leftover bones to make a stock or bone broth as this can be used as the basis for a tasty soup or curry as well as being a rich source of many nutrients. 它也被认为对消化系统非常好.

如果你家里的水果已经过了最好的状态, 但不是发霉的, sometimes it’s a good idea to cook it 和 you can use it in different ways such as a compote for breakfast cereal 和 it will also help it last for longer.


If you have plain flour 和 can’t get self-raising flour 和 want to bake sweet treats: remember that recipes for fruit cake 和 biscuits often use plain flour so they can still be options for home baking. 如果你没有面粉,但有一些磨碎的坚果,比如杏仁或栗子, 你也可以用它来烘焙.

如果你的新鲜蔬菜快用完了, there are nutritious wild ingredients that you might be able to find outside if you have a garden or access to green space on daily walks. Nettles can be challenging to pick (we recommend wearing gloves 和 it’s obviously important to find a clean source, 要洗好,只用嫩尖), but they make great healthy very smooth soup 和 in many areas in Worcestershire 和 Herefordshire wild garlic is growing at the moment too. 野蒜可以拌在沙拉里吃,也可以用来炒菜或做汤.

Justine注册CNHC,自2003年开始兼职执业.  高级讲师 营养疗法 在大学的学校联合健康和社区

本文发表于2020年6月4日, travel or meeting others was accurate at the time of writing but the guidance may have changed since. 请随时参考 政府最新的建议

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