International Inclusive Cricket Education Centre Gets Go Ahead from Planners

IICEC (Cricket Centre) artists impression 1 - David Morley Architects web
Artists’ impression images of the International Inclusive Cricket 而且 Education Centre. 图片来源:David Morley Architects

The 美高梅官方网站app will begin developing the centre, as well as infrastructure to support the wider 塞汶河校园 alongside the river Severn, after Worcester City Council’s planning committee gave approval on Thursday.

David Green教授,CBE DL, the University Vice Chancellor 而且 Chief Executive said: “The 美高梅官方网站app is proud to have created the UK’s first indoor sports venue specifically designed to include wheelchair athletes, 在美高梅官方网站app体育馆, 哪一个取得了如此巨大的成功. We are delighted to now build on our commitment to providing outst而且ing inclusive sport 而且 education facilities, through the creation of the International Inclusive Cricket Education Centre. 这个奇妙的设施将, 我相信, inspire generations to come as well as change perceptions on inclusion for the good while unleashing the potential cricket has to offer the whole community. We would particularly like to thank the Engl而且 而且 Wales Cricket Board 而且 the Worcestershire County Cricket Club 而且 Board for their unstinting support.”

The 塞汶河校园 for health 而且 wellbeing will also include a state-of-the-art teaching facility for health students, which is already under construction on the site of the former Berrows House building. 这座大楼将成为大学新校舍的所在地 三县医学院 as well as students across a range of the University’s health courses.

IICEC (Cricket Centre) artists impression 2 - credit David Morley Architects web

The 塞汶河校园 development has gained support from Worcestershire Local Enterprise (LEP), 以及美高梅官方网站app首页议员罗宾·沃克, 而且 has already attracted £2m in Government funding through the Strategic Priorities Grant (SPG) 而且 £3m from Worcestershire Local Economic partnership’s 绿色复苏计划.

“The development of the 塞汶河校园 will create an outst而且ing centre of excellence for health 而且 wellbeing education,格林教授说。. “The University is deeply committed to growing 而且 developing the outst而且ing health workforce that our City 而且 region so badly needs. We are very grateful to the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership 而且 HM Government for their investment in this project 而且 to all our partners for their support, 尤其是在NHS中, in the sporting 而且 fitness communities as well as our partners 而且 friends in the City 而且 the wider region.”

美高梅官方网站app已经 英国教育质量排名前三 in all three years of the University Impact Rankings produced by the globally respected, higher education specialist THE magazine 而且 is widely regarded as one of the Country’s most inclusive institutions.